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Is Peugeot Boxer a Reliable Choice for Leasing?

Are you considering buying a light weight commercial van? If yes, the task is definitely going to be very challenging for you as there are so many options to choose from. However, when it comes to getting a vehicle for your business, it is highly recommended to look at the vans that are not only spacious but also are light in weight. Vehicles having light weight would be easy to drive on rough terrains. Besides they are just the perfect for long hauls. Well, Peugeot boxer is one amongst those vans. Apart from being a large panel commercial van, this is regarded as one of the lightest on wheels. The lines of Peugeot boxer is devised with a comprehensive facelift making its load-luger work more efficiently. If you wish to make this car yours, contact a leasing company today. Why buy a van when you can lease it for a long period of time.

The Peugeot Boxer features attractive penned front which is borrowed from the latest design of Peugeot passenger van. In addition to its LED lights and floating grille, the recent Boxer also comes with a top-class interior, a highly improved engine, several equipments and much more to enhance durability. Available in a wide range, Boxer vans are simply one of the best in its line. Payload capacities ranging right from 1,115 kg to 1,900 kg, this van can be used for loading and unloading goods to and from distant places. Its L1H1 model featuring short wheelbase and low roof has extended their load volumes from 8 cubic metres, whereas the L4H3 model with long wheelbase and high roof extend from 17 cubic metres. This means now you can load more number of cargoes making maximum utilization of time. Also, they come with ample stowage space. Moreover, it features a dual passenger seat allowing enough comfort to the driver and his assistant.


If you are willing to get a Peugeot boxer today, contact a reliable van leasing company. These agencies offer good conditioned commercial vehicles at unbelievable prices. You will require making an agreement stating the time limit of leasing. With the closing of your tenure you can consider leasing another vehicle. This way you can employ almost all models of Peugeot. You will be simply amazed to know that the lines of these large panel vans often come highly impressive reversing cameras mounted right on the top of the vehicle. The camera system provides a clear view of what is behind ensuring safe driving.


Before leasing a Peugeot Boxer van you can take a look at the various models available in the range. Plus check whether your potential van leasing agency offers your desirable vehicle or not.


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