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Contemplate on Getting the New Mercedes Vito on Lease
21.07.2015 10:34

Mercedes Vito has always been undermined by the Sprinter which is now challenged by the latest and upgraded version of Vito. It offers a new definition of potency, manufacturing excellence and exclusivity which potentially make it a great option for taking on lease. This can be an ideal option for leasing if the client has a requirement of a vehicle with the minimum price for outlay without garnering any plans of buying it in future.


Leasing a Mercedes Vito is much more cost-effective, economical and convenient than buying one. The leasing contracts are much less rigid and open to changes. To reap some of the most alluring benefits from a leasing contract is to make the lessee organisation VAT registered which in return takes care of the vehicle and looks after its management. Moreover the leased vehicle is considered as an asset and is shown on their balance sheet. The initial phase requires the client to deposit an advance including the rentals of the first three months.


Benefits of Mercedes Vito Lease:


Mercedes Vito lease is quintessential for those who are looking for comfort, refinement, a general classy feel along with high technology. It is considered as one of the most economical panel vans in the market due to the Blueefficiency pack which helps it combine a cycle return of 49.6 mpg. Moreover, it boasts of stop start, low rolling resistance tyres and aerodynamic panels, which can hardly be found except in the rear wheel drive models.


The maintenance and repair cost of the new Mercedes Vito is comparatively less than the older version. The vehicle with an entirely galvanised body ensures anti corrosion for 12 years. 


The huge load space and practical design of the vehicle’s body add to its utility as a business vehicle.  As a rear wheel drive model, Mercedes Vito is more efficient on the payload front carrying cargoes from 1289 kg to 1369 kg. Moreover there is a flap option available under the seat of every passenger that can accommodate longer items. 


Mercedes is a very reliable and safe company which is an essential key to availing a leasing deal. It has high safety and security features like the driver and passenger airbags, rear parking camera, adaptive ESP system including ABS brakes, ASR skid control, EBD brake force distribution, BAS hydraulic brake assist, LAC load adaptive control and EUC under steer control, amongst others.


There are many other attributes that distinctly differentiate Mercedes Vito from the other vehicles. The luxurious and spacious interiors, the dash mounted gear stick, a compact and stylish exterior and a splendid load space make it a desirable and affordable option for availing on lease for maintaining a better cash flow for your business.


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