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Easy and Safe Business Transportation with Ford Transit and VW Transporter
30.03.2015 14:42

The Ford Transit Custom DCIV includes all the features of a high-end van with its comfort and luxury. Added to that is the additional benefit of accommodating 6 passengers at ease. Available with three different wheel bases, the van is outfitted to carry huge payloads.


The second row seat that looks like three individual seats allows three persons to sit side by side and the sliding door makes getting in and out a matter of gentle sliding. The Transit Custom DCIV uses the 2.2 TDCI engines as the panel van and payloads range from 776kg for the 270 L1 model to 1328kg in the 330 L2 model.


This medium sized crew van drives smoothly and has the Ford Focus dashboard making it the ideal vehicle for carrying 6 passengers with a sufficient space for the goods. With all the high-end specs crammed into one neat vehicle, interested buyers wish to have it at a low price. The best way to get it in low and cheap rates is the way to have it in lease. Through a Ford Transit Custom DCIV lease, one can enjoy all the vehicular features for an affordable cost.  There are professionals too who will guide you on the proper functioning and maintenance. 


The VW Transporter highline Kombi includes all the features which one generally seeks in a good ride. This model has vans with two different wheel bases with optional numbers of roof heights. There are many types of vans within this range which are enough to satisfy your needs and requirements.  There are more additional features too. The Kombi has its cargo area which is as hard wearing as a panel van, along with sidelining and also a roof trim to give your cargo maximum protection.  There is an easily accessible passenger side sliding door, with a fantastic option to swap it to the driver’s side. As we know driving on the road has never been completely safe; so the manufacturers of VW Transporters give you the option to have a safe ride with ABS, driver airbag and the load adjusting Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP). There is also one large tail gate which allows you to load and unload goods more easily with a heated rear window wash/wipe ensuring maximum visibility.


So, if you want to get all these features along with car-like comfort for a cheap and affordable cost, then it is best to get the vehicles on lease. VW Transporter Highline Kombi lease comes with the choice of profitable discounts and deals. There are many good and reliable companies which you can surf on the internet. They offer different concessions and deals for vehicles on lease. That will certainly save you a lot of time and money.


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