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Five Great Advantages of Having A Leased Fleet of Vans For Businesses
19.01.2015 15:04

The ampleness of the number of businesses who greatly benefit from the utility of making use of fleet of commercial vehicles especially van is a substantially long one which included services as diverse as retail, couriers, transport and even trades that form part of the standard lot such as plumbing and builders.A conundrum faced by any such business entity is to go for van owned by them or to opt for a more economic prospect of a van lease. Van leasing has some inherent benefits as the following paragraphs will testify.


Showcase Vehicles that Have More Prestige and Evoke Admiration


One of the primary reasons of going for leasing is that it gives you the opportunity to have vehicle that pronounce more class and evoke greater feelings of respect and admiration. This is an absolute necessity for cases where the brand image is a factor of vital importance. For instances car rentals of luxury vehicles do not want sagging twenty year old cars as the flag bearers of their fleet. However, it goes without saying that fleet comprised of the latest models owned by you is an expensive proposition indeed. Leases permit you to make us of the latest models of vans and thus attract premium end clients without giving out your fortunes to auto companies.


Opt for a Newer Vehicle As and When the Lease Ends


In an increasingly competitive market, it has become imperative that your business stays ahead of the curve in all the areas it possibly can. Lease agreements makes this possibility real and you are free to chose another vehicle of another marquee or model after the van leasing term has come to an end.


Cut Down on Maintenance Costs


Ownership of vehicles also implies that you will have to look after them in the long term. This burden is further added to the disadvantage of depreciation costs and you get even more reasons to opt for leasing instead of downright ownership. Also unaccounted charges are also taken care of and you are free to make suitable allocations in your budget without the fear of having them messed up.


Manage Your Fleet


One of the less obvious benefits of leasing is that you altogether avoid any possibility of administrative costs.  Administration or keeping track of maintenance, riding miles, MOT, fuel spent and other related paperwork can be as mundane a task as it can be. You might have to hire extra employees exclusively for that. Leasing enables you cut costs on this front as well.


You Can Always Opt to Buy But Not Necessarily So


A lease purchase is often found to be an integral part of the lease agreement between the leasing company and the lessee. It entails that when the term of the lease has come to an end and you decide that the vehicle is one worth for keeps then you can always buy the vehicle. You can also go for a new one. The choice is yours to take.


VW Amarok Lease


There are no dearth of vehicles in the van category that might be mighty useful to one who is contemplating a van lease but the Amarok from Volswagen stands apart due to its all-terrain nature while at the same time retaining a high level of driving refinement.



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