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Ford Transit Leasing: Get the Right Model for the Right price

Ford Transit Leasing: A Popular Practice

Ford transit leasing is a popular practice in different locations around the world and specifically in the European countries. A  Ford Transit is the name given to an array of vehicles manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. Though designed to serve commercial purposes, a Ford Transit also caters to private needs. However, buying the vehicle is an expensive affair. If you want to save money, you can consider approaching a vehicle rental agency for Ford Transit lease.


Ford Transit Models Available For Lease

Different models of Ford Transit are available in the market. However, the plain white vans are probably the most popular among the various models. Ford Transit was first released in Germany in the early part of the 1950s. The very first model called FK 1000 was manufactured in Cologne. The model later came to be known as Taunus. After the company stopped producing Taunus, it introduced what is referred to as Ford Transit now.

In the United Kingdom, the Ford Transits are available in 3 forms. They include:

  • Pickup Trucks: The pickup trucks are specifically meat for shipping goods. These vehicles are versatile enough to be leased on any occasion.


  • Panel Vans:  A panel van comes with a sedan car like structure. It has enough space for cargoes. It is more spacious than most other sedans. The seating area within the vehicle is highly comfortable. A panel van can accommodate about 5 people including the driver.


  •  Minibuses: A Ford Transit minibus has the capacity to accommodate many people at a time. It can very well serve the people who need a vehicle for touring purposes.

Which Type of Ford Transit Vehicle Should You Lease?

Before approaching a company for Ford Transit lease, you need to determine your purpose of leasing the vehicle. The aforementioned Ford Transit vehicles can offer a varied array of transport and storage options. If you want to focus more on the storage of goods, a pickup Transit van can serve your purpose in an excellent way. If you want to lease a Ford Transit for transportation of a large number of people, a Ford Transit minibus will be the best option. A panel van is apt for both transportation of a large group of people and storage of cargoes.


The Ford Transit Custom DCIV is the often the choice of the people who want to lease a Ford Transit. It is used for private as well as commercial purposes. It offers a high degree of maneuvrability in most situations. To cite an example, vans having refrigerated interiors can be utilized for carrying the perishables. The Ford Transit Custom DCIV is designed to satisfy this requirement. There are a large number of van leasing companies in the United Kingdom that offer this vehicle at the most competitive prices.


Before approaching a particular agency for Ford transit leasing, you need to ensure that the company has a good will in the market. A reputed company will always provide you with the right vehicle for the right price. 

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