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How to Get Everything Right with Van Leasing?
14.12.2015 16:11

As of now purchasing a commercial vehicle might not be a feasible choice for your business. But you are in an immediate need of a commercial vehicle. So, what should be your next step? You can therefore consider opting for van leasing. This will help you own your desirable without having to spend much. Since rentals are lower than the hire purchase you can make a lot of profit. But then the real savings could be done on VAT.


Usually LCVs are used for business purpose, which means that being a customer you have the capability to ask 100% tax value back on the monthly rentals. Moreover, the rentals are put against the taxable earning. So, you can save the tax on vehicle you are running. If you think such a deal can be lucrative for you and your business, you can take a look at the below mentioned five step guide; 


Take a Look Around 


As there are so many van leasing companies who offer great deals on commercial vehicles, you should look around thoroughly. You should compare the top-notch companies’ quotes before settling for the one. Aside from that, you should also see how quickly they reciprocate to the request. A good company will give you impartial advice always. If you think that customer support element is missing, you should switch over to another company. 


Narrow Down Your Searches


Look at the bottom line, meaning the figures, after you have chosen a few leasing companies. Ensure that you have compared rentals alongside initial payment. When it comes to availability of the models, you should confirm if the company has the rarest of the model or not. 


Selecting the Right Vehicle 


Of course, you will be knowing your business’ needs more than what others will know. You may have a particular van model in your mind, say, VW Amarok lease, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t settle for anything other than that. Your company can suggest you so many van models based on your companies’ needs. To respect their selection, you should have trust on your vehicle lease provider. And that will develop only after making detailed research about the company. There is a short lead time as well on the alternative vans. Hence you should be open to suggestions always and must make proper enquiry before doing the deal. 


Finalizing the Commercial Van, Ultimately


Signing the deal is not the end of your responsibility. While signing it you should check every minute detail, so that you don’t end up making wrong decision. Go through the monthly payment, maintenance agreement as well as warranty. When you settle for the lease agreement, ensure that you check details such as monthly payments. At the same time, look if any additional price is included. It is crucial to ensure that the mileage mentioned on the agreement suits all your needs. 


Since leasing a vehicle involve legal formalities, you need to ensure that you get the papers right. 


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