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Is Renault Trafic Worth the Upgrades?
08.01.2016 16:08

Renault Trafic has been doing a big task that is carrying and transferring loads easily. The business owners just can’t stop but to appreciate the features of the vehicles. The company takes to upgrading their Trafic range with new and improved features. The new model is more spacious than before. The beauty is that it is run by a small diesel engine that is normally fitted to the lines of French middle-sized commercial vans. Aside, you will find no automatic transmission option. And this how it is same as the recent top mid-sized vehicles like Ford Transit Custom. 


However, the new Trafic remains available in similar two lengths. But what is interesting here is that they come with extra space that of course has liberated more storage area. If your business requires you to transfer light and heavy items you can then consider hiring this improved vehicle. Yes, you can lease this new van. There are so many vehicle leasing companies who are giving away Renault Trafic lease vans at competitive prices. On leasing this van you won’t require to spare a lot of your money. For leasing a van you pay almost half of the purchasing price. 


When it comes to leasing a Trafic you have a range of configurations to choose from. Based on your business’ needs you can make your selection. The configuration also includes glazed and non-glazed dual sliding side doors. You will have the leverage to make a choice of the barn-style rear doors. However, the payload capacity in the short wheelbase version is a bit lower, while the model with long wheelbase features 1274kg payload. 


The actual power of the new model is derived from its four-cylinder diesel engine. The engine is refined and has proved to be tremendously willing. Besides, it isn’t loud and doesn’t create any noise pollution. Plus the van features an ECO mode. The engine in the upgraded model is flexible, strong and responsive even when it is running in green mode. So many people believe that this newly improved Traffic has one of the finest engines. Its six-speed manual is excellent having a smooth and easily workable shift action. Individuals who spend most of their time in urban setting will need a responsive steering and Trafic has it. With so many benefits to offer, Renault Trafic can be considered looking at. 


Companies who offer Vauxhall Vivaro lease vans are expected to give away Renault, Mercedes vans on lease. In order to lease a van you can just speak of these companies. The best way to find a reliable vehicle leasing company would be search the internet. You can either make normal web search or simply visit online directories or public forums.


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