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Multi specialty van VW transporter lease for fast logistics
06.02.2014 14:34

One of the first problems that arise with van leasing is that it is often confused with rental services. Car or van rentals are usually available on short-term bases. Lease, as the word implies, is a long term procedure with the lessee using the vehicle for not less than at least a year. Next, what is the kind of vehicle you want on lease?

If a heavy duty, long running highway vehicle is what you are looking for, the VW Transporter might just be the answer. The Transporter, available in various models, comes from the house of Volkswagen, renowned for making quality vehicles for all parts of the world. The major breakthrough with the vehicle is the length it runs on a single fill. At a range of 785 miles for a full tank, it provides amazing fuel efficiency. This saves highway mongers constant need for refilling.

High on both function and flexibility, the Transporter is available in quite a few models to choose from depending on your purpose and utility. Here are a few options

VW T5 Transporter: The T5 Transporter was first launched in 2003. Available in numerous combinations, the T5 saw a minor model upgrade in 2009. Besides replacing the engine with common rail diesel engines, the facelift brought in the 7-speed Dual Shift Gearbox (DSG). The use of dual clutch transmission in the Transporter T5 was a first for light commercial vehicles. With the added power has come more reliability and the Transporter T5 has been the successful flag bearer for Volkswagen group’s T platform since then.

VW T28 Transporter: Based on a more passenger friendly design, this model features five doors and three seats. With a load space of 5.8 cubic meters, the T28 transporter packs a punch.

VW T32 Transporter: This a rather heavy weight truck compared to other models from the T group. With a 2.0 engine and 6.7 cubic meter of load space volume, this truck means serious business.

VW Transporter Kombi Sportline: Released in 2012, the Sportline adds another statement in style to the tremendously utilitarian Kombi. Besides minor style adjustments like body coloured front and real spoilers and chrome detailing on the grille, the one new feature that just cannot dodge the eye is the one and half feet black alloy wheels, made even more appealing by the red brake calipers peeping from behind.


Performance wise, this van is tough to beat. Ticking from 0 to 62mph in 10 seconds and with a top speed of 119mph, this van rules the roost in its segment. Add to that an 80 liter fuel tank and you are really set for a long, loaded journey.

Other vans including the Ford Transit Custom DCIV are also easily and conveniently available on lease. You may even consider approaching a reliable lease company for Ford Transit Custom DCIV Lease.


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