Van Leasing

Van Leasing: Figures Fished Out for Reference
13.01.2016 13:33

Vehicle leasing over the past few years has shot to popularity owing its multiplying figures to the contracts that have respectfully encompassed all possible necessities of the users. Over the past decades, not only has the market seen an incredulous rise in the number of users turning to this industry to obtain vehicles for personal and commercial use, but also a parallel proliferation of the dealers. The industry that has been there for years has never experienced a spurt at this, especially in the van leasing section.


Experts after months of the wait-and-observe training have finally dived into the pool of insights attempting to net out important data that could help line up an industry trend and pull out numbers that would corroborate this sudden imploding of the industry.


Going into anything beyond the first few won’t be necessary to get a round-off of the scenario. The top five leasing companies operating in the country had been surveyed to structure this report. 


Before going into the figures, the analysts noted that the each of the leasing companies is an offshoot of some parent company, all of which are first liners in their respective field. A couple of them are banking companies that have already made it big out there in the national and international sectors. The other few hail from private sector trades such as auto dealers, equipment lessors and human resource suppliers. That is notably diverse, and it also means that entrepreneurial minds from different sectors have hooked their notice on this industry.


Going into figures, each of the top five companies keep enormous fleets. Though their vehicle counts vary, but all of them hold cars in six digits. That said, the demand of vehicles on lease gets obvious and explicit at all levels. 

The vehicles are organizationally owned by each of these companies. They could be hypothecated to the banking organization that financed the vehicles, or fully owned, depending on the nature of purchase of the vehicles. As pages in the record book are flipped to the last year, it revealed that each of them has added to the vehicle count since the last year, some promoted from 5 to 6 digits to be among the top three. Vehicles like the Ford Transit Custom DCIV lease have particularly been of great logistical aid to small companies. 


The financial crisis in the years of 2007 and 2008 stalled the growth in the industry globally in the last decade, but that is the tale of the past. Presently, market penetration reveals the percentage of leasing to have bumped up higher. The market has resuscitated from the state of depression and many small companies have come up to avail and endorse contractual hiring as the new and competent way of acquiring vehicles. 


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