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Van Leasing May Prove Really Advantageous to Your Business
05.05.2015 18:09

With days, the tendency of taking a vehicle on lease rather than treading that extra mile to go and buy one is increasing, especially among the flourishing business entrepreneurs and small business owners, irrespective of the purpose. There is a justified reason behind this increasing inclination towards van leasing and if we trace the reasons behind it, the word ‘justified’ can claim real justification. The following passage offers a brief discussion on why leasing a van might prove beneficial to your business.


Buying a new car involves a number of troubles that begins on the note of the management of a large fleet. On the other hand, a leased vehicle requires the lessee to just fulfill the minimum monthly rental payment of the car. Moreover, he gets to drive a new fleet every time he takes a car on lease without paying a hefty amount for it. A lease agreement is for a maximum time period of two to three years and as a result, the maintenance cost of the car is minimal and nothing opulent as the leased car is still within its warranty period. The advantages of leasing a vehicle are the following:


Minimal monthly rental payments:


The most important advantage of leasing a vehicle is that the lessee gets to drive a new car every time at the beginning of the lease contract in exchange of a minimal monthly payment as the rental for the leased vehicle. He does not have to worry about the market price of the vehicle and other financial agreements that come with buying a new car. So taking a vehicle on lease is a much more hassle free affair.  When a vehicle is given out on lease, the total amount of payment given is the difference between the cost of the vehicle at the beginning of the contract and the value of it at the end of the contract. The value of the vehicle at the end of the contract is determined by the total mileage covered by it during the lease contract. The average mileage offered in a lease contract varies between 10 to 40 thousand kilometers.  


You can avoid the risk of depreciation:


As soon as a new car is driven out on the road, it loses its buying value and the vehicle runs the risk of depreciation. But in case of a leased vehicle, there is no risk involved as far as a resale value is concerned as the vehicle is supposed to be returned at the end of the lease contract.


Maintenance package:


The lease contract comes with a maintenance package that covers the servicing and maintenance cost as well as the road tax of the vehicle. So in a word, the leased vehicle is the most cost effective option available for a vehicle service.

So from a corporate point of view, leasing a van proves really beneficial to the new as well as small business owners as leasing is a much more hassle free affair that does not involve any kind of administration issues regarding the availing and servicing of the vehicle.



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